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How an SEO agency can scale your business

Posted By: Jason

When people think about search engine optimisation - SEO - they often think about it in a quite narrow way. Traffic and rank are - and have for some time been - the key metrics by which SEOs and SEO agencies are judged. The reason for this is simple enough: traffic and rank are easy to monitor and easy to report on. But really, what is it that you want from your website? For some few businesses, the metrics above are exactly what you should be tracking. For others though, you need to look further afield. The truth is that, if your business is looking to employ an agency to improve your SEO strategy, then there is probably a business objective in mind. Nine times out of ten, this business objective will be tied to revenue delivery. Let's face it, most CEOs aren't interested in how much traffic the site is delivering, as long as the profits are there. Now, this is not to say that traffic is not important. It is, and rank as well. But there are more factors to consider. If you are considering implementing an SEO strategy, there are questions you need to ask: 1. What are your aims? Do you need traffic? Or revenue? 2. If your aim is to generate revenue, how can you do it? Question two is vital because a robust SEO strategy should not just focus on building traffic, it should focus on building scale. But how do you scale?  

The first question you should ask here is this: what is my traffic worth?

If you manage or own a site that generates 10,000 sessions a month, and £15,000 a month, then each session is worth £1.5. That is easy enough to work out, but is unlikely to reflect the specifics. Based on the math above, many businesses would say that by building traffic from 10,000 sessions to 20,000, you would see revenue jump to £30,000. In this assumption, scale is automatic. What you really need to do, is find the parts of your site that actually make money. In the scenario above, it is far more likely that 30% of your traffic generates almost all of the revenue. If you are not building THIS traffic, then you also are not going to improve revenue. Do the analysis first, and work out how you should scale your site. Assigning a site a traffic target is only going to be valuable if you know what traffic is going to be valuable to your site.