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How can evergreen content help with your SEO?

Posted By: Jason

Evergreen content might be something you’ve heard about or perhaps it is a new piece of vocabulary for you. It is currently a hot topic in the marketing world and it refers to any kind of content which stays permanently relevant, just like evergreen trees which keep their leaves all year round.

In the online world, whether it’s an article, a video or something else, if what you’ve shared on your site is going to be of interest to your readers today, tomorrow and be just as useful a couple years down the line then it classifies as evergreen content.

You may be thinking ‘what kind of content stays pertinent for years at a time?’ and ‘why would this kind of content benefit my website in any way?’. This post is going to explain how evergreen content will be of use on your website and how that will continue once you’ve uploaded it, without any need for retouches as time goes on.

Practically any content without an expiry date can be classified as evergreen but when coming up with long-lasting information to upload, it is important that you ask yourself whether you have included anything at all which has the potential to render the content ‘outdated’.

If you make reference to a specific period of time (other than significant historic events), an event, something which is upcoming or anything which has recently made news then your content won’t be able to stay relevant for very long.


Types of reliable evergreen content are:

  • Definition articles such as ‘What is SEO?’
  • White papers
  • Checklists
  • ‘How to …’ type articles
  • Industry tips


There are a few reasons why evergreen content will assist your website. First and foremost, if you are going to spend time creating content for your website, why not put place an emphasis on writing and curating posts which will not need to be removed off the site should they become uninspiring? Evergreen pieces will always drive traffic to your site and, should they link to your landing pages, they can result in a higher conversion rate for the duration of their placement on your site.  They will also be more likely to get ongoing shares on other platforms by readers.

Pieces of evergreen content will help improve your search engine rankings as they will act as reliable copy for the likes of Google to pick up on easily. Should your keywords be included, too and the page is likely to appear on search engines to an increasing number of people and subsequently raise your website’s rank.

Producing evergreen content with SEO in mind will be hugely beneficial for you and your sites users for a long time to come.

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