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How can social influencers help you with your marketing?

Posted By: Jason

If you’re a social media user then you will undoubtedly have noticed the rise of posts from accounts with large following across different platforms which include a small ‘#spon’ or ‘#ad’ in the caption. For those of you who aren’t familiar with this or perhaps have seen it but don’t know what it means, they are abbreviations for ‘sponsored posts’ or ‘adverts’, meaning that the person putting them up has been paid to do so. Big brands are capitalising on ‘social influencers’, people with thousands of followers online, by paying for their products to be promoted by them. The trading laws state that any post which has been bought needs to be advertised clearly as such, which explains the hashtags.


So, now we know a little more about what product placements with social influencers are, let's talk about how beneficial advertising with influencers can be and how you can do it without breaking the bank in the process…


For anyone marketing a product or a service, finding innovative ways to reach their target audience is key. Partnering with a social influencer whose followers are largely people in the right age-range, location or are interested in similar brands to your own can introduce your business to a whole host of new potential customers. It is a straightforward way of raising your brand awareness and doing so extremely efficiently.


Working with social influencers can involve a number of different things, from sponsored posts where you pay them to talk about your brand, guest posts where you write a piece for them to put up on their site (this is sometimes free but it depends on the person), reviews of products (which involves you sending them things to try, usually for free), adverts on their websites (this is nearly always paid for). The higher in demand the person is, the higher their prices will be and the costs are usually set. Read on to hear about the differences in large and small scale influencers. If what they are offering is too much for you and your budget then you could try involving a different initiative which benefits them in return for a lower cost, such as a free-product to try. This won’t always work but if you’re determined to get the influencer to work with you and their prices are too high then trying it might pay off.


Now, if you’re wondering how to find these ‘influencers’, there is no need to worry as it’s not going to be difficult. The kind of influencers you’ll want to work with will be easy to find through simple searches on social media platforms or on search engines. For a brand selling homeware pieces, for example, who want to work with social influencers, typing in ‘home decor blogger’, ‘lifestyle blogger’ or even ‘interior design blogger’ across the aforementioned platforms should provide them with a range of different influencers in those fields.


Large-scale social influencers will have hundreds of thousands of followers on their social media accounts or tens of thousands of hits on their website each month. They are likely to either:

  1. Ignore your attempt to contact them due to the high volume of people messaging them each day
  2. Send you over a ‘Media Package’ with their prices for working with brands
  3. Tell you that they love your brand and are happy to promote it for you for free- then you’ve hit the jackpot!


Small-scale social influencers are more likely to want to collaborate you for little to no cost so for brands with a low marketing budget, it is worth contacting these kinds of influencers first.


When reaching out to them, you should include:

  • An eye-catching subject which will make them want to open your email / message
  • An insightful but brief description of who you are and why you’re contacting them
  • A link to your website
  • A benefit for them if they choose to work with you
  • An open but suggestive request, for instance ‘We’d love to collab with you in the form of a guest post on your site but we’re open to hearing your suggestions for what you think would work!’


Working with influencers isn’t just great for brand awareness but if you manage to get a link on their website to your own site, you can do so in a way which raises your search engine rankings. The more established their site is, the more the link to your site will be worth. You’ll need to use one of your keywords in the post on the influencers site and use a link to a landing page (see our post on this here for more help) to get an SEO benefit but these types of backlinks can be really valuable.


Are there any social influencers you’d love to work with? Why not reach out to them and introduce the idea. If you want more advice on SEO or social media marketing then get in touch with us today.