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How much time do you need to be spending on Social Media Marketing?

Posted By: Jason

We all know how important it is to be using social media to promote your business and interact with people online but how much time and effort is required to start to see results?

So many people find themselves in a situation where they feel as if they have been putting their energy into their social media accounts but aren’t seeing any benefits or, even worse, are losing followers. It can be easy to get it ‘wrong’ online and whilst most damage is repairable, it can feel like such a setback to see your profiles lose momentum or stagnate completely.

Posting a picture or sharing some content now and again might see you get the odd like or follower but can you really ensure the people engaging with what you’re posting online are the ones which will help see your business grow? The most probable answer to that is no. So let’s discuss exactly how much time you need to be spending on your social media marketing to see positive and sustainable development.

In the 2017 Industry Report published on Social Media Examiner, it was revealed that social media marketing was seen to be most useful for increasing exposure, increasing traffic and developing loyal fans. The order of these benefits hasn’t changed for the past 2 years so it is safe to say that social media marketing is going to be extremely useful in these fields for the foreseeable future.

The report went on to state that through its research interviewing over 5000 marketers, it has discovered that the minimum time needed to be spent on social media marketing to see encouraging results is 6 per week. More than 80 percent of the participants in the study said that 6 hours of posting, commenting and sharing on social media per week would mean they saw benefits. This included them generating exposure for their business, their traffic increasing and gaining marketplace insight.

With the help of tools like Hootsuite, you can create your social media content and schedule it to be posted whenever you want. This can be extremely useful for the bulk of your content but don’t underestimate the importance of sharing images and text which relate to current themes and trends as they emerge. It is also key that you log on to your social media accounts and interact with your followers and owners of accounts you’d like to have following you.

It is just as important to be sharing eye-catching content as it is to be spending the 6 hours a week on your social media accounts.


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Here are some things to remember when it comes to when to post:


  • Do some basic research into when your target audience are using different social media platforms and post / schedule your posts for them


  • Search what’s trending on Facebook, Twitter and Facebook. If possible then try to use them and share something relevant to engage with a huge audience who will already be looking through those trending topics via hashtags / location tags etc.


  • Spend time every day, even if it’s 10 minutes, replying to people who have left comments on your content online. Comment on your profiles of people who fit your target audience. Create competitions, giveaways, Call To Action (CTA) posts and make sure you connect with the users who get involved.