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How the Magento community is thriving

Posted By: Jason

As Magento continues to cement its position as the number one platform for e-commerce sites across the world, the company has announced some news which underlines its widespread use.

The world's Magento development community gather on the Magento Forums to discuss a range of topics daily; some directly related to the platform, others not. After less than a year since its launch, Magento has confirmed that the number of members has now passed 100,000, an incredible achievement considering the short time that the community's online meeting place has been in operation.

Rather than simply provide an internet-based focal point for the platform, and allow developers to question each other on issues of their choosing, the Magento Forums have also allowed developers to connect with each other like never before, opening the door to new partnerships.

A kind hearted community spirit prevails on the forum, which has a system of members giving each other 'kudos' after they have shared a valuable or useful piece of information. This form of appreciation helps to foster a genial atmosphere that lends itself to respect and collaboration. According to Magento, over 1,500 'kudos' have been handed out so far among members. They also estimate that over 1,000 solutions have been provided to community questions, from customisation to installation.

The cornerstone of the forum are the moderators that give up their free time in order to guide new members and keep an eye on daily posts. For many of the moderation team, they are more than happy to impart the knowledge they have built up in the specialist area of Magento enterprise development agency, and this is what makes the forum a priceless resource for thousands of members.

Once a member has been provided with a solution to their problem, they are typically keen to pass on this wisdom if a fellow member poses a similar problem in the future, keeping the exchange of information flowing.

In a statement on the landmark, Magento declared: "One of our biggest strengths as a community is that we’re always learning and collaborating. Thank you for working together to move us all forward!"