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How to ensure long-term success during mobile application development

Posted By: Jason

When developing a mobile app, a major aspect to think about is building your app with longevity in mind. There are many factors that could mean that your app soon becomes outdated, such as OS updates, changing markets and growing competition.

Thousands of apps now fill the market that have become irrelevant over time. So how do you ensure long-term success for your app during the mobile application development process?

Build an app to solve a problem

This is a fundamental point that should be key to your entire development process. You should be building an app that addresses a problem and helps people solve that problem.

During this stage, you will want to ensure that the problem you are trying to solve is not time sensitive. For example, will your app rely on current events that won’t be relevant this time next year? If this is the case, you may want to rethink your app concept.

Once you have a long-term problem to solve with your app, you will be able to know your audience and may additionally help you find further gaps in the market.

Develop with scalable design

Scalable design can be quite a difficult theory when put into practice. This theory involves creating a product roadmap that goes beyond planning solely for your initial release.

Scalable design essentially prepares your design to be flexible and easy to develop for future releases and updates. Once you release new versions, it also ensures any earlier versions do not look as though they have gaps in the design.

Analyse user feedback and update often

Many development teams will release their first app version as a minimum viable product that is functional enough to satisfy the requirements of the user. They will then gather and analyse user feedback to help improve the product in future releases.

This ensures that your app can be built on and grow as time goes on. You may find features that you had not previously thought of. You can then use this information to update your app often, keeping it fresh and relevant to your users.

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