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How to ensure that your mobile app is user-friendly

Posted By: Jason

Mobile app development is a fast-moving and dynamic field; it can be both exciting and overwhelming in equal measure, whether you’re a new developer or an experienced professional. However, it’s important not to get so swept up in the process of development that you forget the most important part of any app - the user! For a mobile app to be successful, it needs to be accessible and user-friendly. We at Lexel are experts at ensuring that apps appeal to end-users and we want to ensure that businesses like yours can benefit from our years of experience. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of three simple-to-implement tips that will help you create apps your users will love. 1. Maximise offline functionality Many mobile app developers assume (either consciously or unconsciously) that their users will always be online when they want to use their app. In reality, this isn’t always the case; not all areas have WiFi coverage, and not all smartphone owners can afford to use ‘packet data’ to access the web whenever they need to. So there will be occasions when your users will want to use some of the features of your app while offline. Ask yourself if each function of your app really needs internet access to be useful. If not, allow your users to make use of that function when they’re offline! This will make it easier for customers to use your app regardless of their location while also building good-will towards your brand and potentially making your users more interested in apps you may offer in the future. 2. Reduce the number of taps The more buttons and options a user has to tap to perform a function in your app, the more unwieldy and confusing your app will seem. Naturally, this can deter users and cause them to abandon your app. So it’s important to refine your app by reducing the number of steps it takes (from the moment the app is opened) for a user to accomplish a function. 3. Tweak your design to suit each platform Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows platforms all work slightly differently and their users interact with them in different ways. If your app is going to appear on multiple platforms, you should try to take this into account and tweak the app to fit in with how different platforms are typically used. This will help your app seem more intuitive to users across platforms, thereby increasing its usability. These simple tips can really help you develop a successful app, but if you want to improve it even further and compete in a global marketplace, you should contact us today! We at Lexel are always ready to help you develop new apps and polish existing ones.