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How to sell more online

Posted By: Jason

Running an online business isn’t easy. While you don’t necessarily have the expenses of a brick and mortar store, you will still need to pay for things like labour, warehouse space, supplies, and shipping. On top of that, learning the ins and outs of Shopify and troubleshooting can end up consuming most of your time, meaning that your business and sales can ultimately suffer. Those hoping to become an online retailer should look to agencies for support. To key you in, we'd like to discuss two areas you should focus on and conclude with how an agency can assist with that.

eCommerce platform

Anybody tuning into business news knows that eCommerce is the platform that retailers need to start focusing on. Even brick and mortar stores are working more on their online stores as online heavyweights like Amazon publish continued growth statistics. Using an eCommerce Shopify Agency lets you focus on the product that you sell while the agency sets up and supports your virtual store. They will also train you and your staff so that you have the knowledge to use and run your own content management system and virtual storefront.

Shopify front

If you have researched setting up an online business, then you will know that Shopify is a platform that more and more retailers are jumping on. Sure, you can set up your own basic Shopify account, but you might not know the full potential of the platform. Many Shopify sellers have a generic looking site that screams amateur. Getting a professional Shopify Developer on board will allow your account to showcase unique features that customers will enjoy.

Start selling

If you want to sell more but find that running an online store can be overwhelming, there is help out there for you. At Lexel, we're an eCommerce agency offering technical support, Shopify expertise, SEO techniques and more. Don’t let your online business run you to the ground. Get Lexel to take care of the technicalities while you work on the product you are selling. This winning combination is the key to selling more online.