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How to use Facebook ads most efficiently

Posted By: Jason

Facebook has been ranked the most popular social network to place adverts by business owners time and time again. A recent eMarketer survey found that 95.8% of social media marketers worldwide believed that Facebook provides the best Return On Investment of all social platforms. They also reported that over two thirds of business owners want to increase their spending on Facebook ads over the next 12 months.


Facebook ads are very easy to set up and there are numerous functions available which mean that getting an advert you’re happy with, sent out to your target audience has never been easier. The variations of Facebook ads continue to expand from links to websites or blog posts, pictures to videos, scrolling pics to collection ads. Finding the ideal way to promote something on this platform is straightforward and the results can be extremely effective. But how can you guarantee that the money you spend on a swish advert won’t go to waste? The true success rate of a Facebook ad is in the conversions. In order for the effort you put into the ad to be seen in an increase in sales for your business, all you need do is follow our simple plan below.


Have you ever heard the saying that customers need to be told about your business/ product/ service 7 times before they commit to spending money with you? Despite the fact that no-one really knows where the number 7 came from, the point stands that customers are much more likely to buy from you if they know who you are, which can require multiple approaches being made by you.


When looking at how to implement a successful Facebook ad, it’s important to consider that many of the people who will end up viewing your advert may not have heard of your company before and are, therefore, unlikely to part with their money after this initial interaction. Instead of using one ad to try and approach your target audience, educate them about who you are and what you do, convince them that you are the best in the business and then convert them into a customer, a more realistic approach is needed. It is going to be worthwhile investing in a few adverts which do all of the vital, aforementioned steps to move someone in your target audience along the motions from stranger to customer. If you’re wondering how to do this then, using Lexel as an example, we are going to show you engaging example content for 3 consecutive Facebook ads.


1 - Link to a blog. First, we would to a Lexel blog post about the best ways to sell online with copy ‘If you’re wondering how eCommerce can transform the way you sell then check out our latest blog piece here’. This will get your target audience on your site and provide them with value, showing them that you know what you’re talking about.


2 - A link to a white-paper or ‘how to’ page on your site. Here we would link to a white-paper on choosing the right eCommerce platform for your company. The copy could be ‘Are you looking to build an eCommerce site or update a current site? Our free white-paper will provide you with the expertise you need to decide which platform is best for you and your business needs’. Again, you can bring value to the reader and pull them into the website, reminding them who you are and why you’re going to be a reliable choice for any kind of work this person may need doing in your field.


3 - CTA (Call To Action). Finally, you can convert your target audience into customers. Whether you use this ad to send out a link to your contact page and write a great call to action to accompany it or you click the ‘Advertise Your Business’ button when creating a Facebook ad and use their existing format to encourage people to contact you is up to you completely. This is the time to say ‘We’re here, we’re ready and we can’t wait to meet you properly, head over to our site’ (in other words, of course).


Remember, Facebook ads are best when part of a campaign and it’s more than likely that you’ll need to touch base with your target audience on numerous occasions before you hone-in on conversions. The Facebook ad tool is valuable and, when used correctly, can be a fantastic way of reaching the people you want to reach.