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In-App Video Gains Support

Posted By: Jason

Video has been a trend in SEO and content marketing for a while now and in-app video is taking off, with mobile app developers looking to differentiate their product and clamour for attention in a crowded marketplace.

Of course mobile video is nothing new; YouTube and many more have vast amounts of downloads for their apps and consumers have become used to watching videos on their mobile devices. As screen sizes have increased the user experience is now more than good enough, so companies are jumping on the bandwagon and making the most of in-app video.

According to research by IAB, 58% of respondents claimed to watch short videos on their phones, with 48% accessing videos through apps, which has smoothed the progress. Brand videos are also on the up, as P3 Group recently showed with T-Mobile’s Binge On campaign, which gave the mobile phone brand’s customers the chance to download all the video they wanted to watch.

The uptake was impressive, with the time spent on video apps increasing from between 15-50% and customers enjoying 10% more app sessions.

Niche arts and crafts sales site Etsy has recently launched video functionality to its mobile app, as it believes that video will help its sellers and consumers get a better grasp on the products. It also cannot hurt the app’s visibility and SEO, which is becoming an increasingly important part of mobile app development.

Spotify has joined the crowd by adding video content to its mobile app and it could herald a new dawn, with Spotify signing content deals with a number of providers like ESPN, Vice Media and Comedy Central. The music service is looking to use video content to become a genuine multimedia platform that will make it a channel in its own right.

With mobile access speed, screen size and bandwidth issues becoming less relevant, mobile apps could become the preferred point of access for consumers in the coming years and so those who embrace mobile video at this stage will be ahead of the game.

Companies that embrace mobile video as an integral part of their mobile app development strategy, too, will be more closely aligned with the leading brands and Magento support could ensure than video becomes an integral part of the sales process. Thank you for reading -  In-App Video Gains Support . Want to know more about mobile app development? Contact us today!