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Is an internal linking strategy key for SEO?

Posted By: Jason

A key aspect of SEO is linking. Links are one of the vital factors that will allow the search engines to find and rank your website within their listings. Much time is given within SEO strategies to sourcing quality backlinks which are undoubtedly crucial. A good SEO strategy should also devote some time to creating an internal linking strategy too though.

What is internal linking?

Put simply, internal linking works in the same way as external backlinks do. The key difference is that you are creating links that are pointing from one page on your own site to another. As it is a link existing on one page of your website and pointing to another page on the same site, it is known as internal linking.

Why are they superb for SEO?

All links exist to help the search engines become aware of your site. Internal links perform this function in the same way as backlinks. Naturally, an external backlink from a respected website may carry more weight but internal links are still worthwhile. For starters, they are easy to implement and require less effort than sourcing quality backlinks. It's a great starter path to building up your reputation online.

Internal links will also let the search engines get a good idea of your site's structure and establish a hierarchy in terms of the most valuable pages that you want to give the most emphasis to.

Creating an internal linking strategy - the lowdown

It is well worth not only creating a robust internal linking strategy but also taking the time to review it regularly, ensuring you have no slow-to-load pages or broken links. A good internal linking strategy will tell the search engines which pages on your site are relevant, which have most value and the relationship between them all.

The best start with any internal linking efforts is to create some great, authoritative, evergreen content. These cornerstone articles should then have embedded links to other relevant pages on your website, in particular in your call to action which may encourage click-throughs to a contact page or sign up page. In addition, other pages should also link back to them so you are getting the maximum exchange of link value between them all. Another great tip is to link to the authoritative, cornerstone articles from the home page or main navigation routes.

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