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Is backlinking the missing piece in your SEO jigsaw?

Posted By: Jason

In business, time, as well as investment, can make all the difference. Effective SEO can involve making small adjustments which can make a big difference in a short amount of time. But that doesn't mean that every SEO strategy can be considered a 'quick fix'. On the contrary - activities such as backlinking can pay dividends over a longer period, but they are just as worthwhile.

Backlinking - the lowdown

Backlinking means securing hyperlinks on respected sites which direct the visitor to your own site. Ideal sites include social media networks, media or forums - the important part is that they have good figures, such as domain authority, in the eyes of Google.

How can I backlink?

Backlinking in 2018 involves a lot of ground work. It is no longer possible to use black hat SEO techniques which involve planting links on sites which have been set up especially for the purpose, without Google detecting what you are doing. That means that quality content must now be created in order to provide homes for your backlinks to sit in.

How can I place my content?

Once you have produced an entertaining or informative piece of content and wish to place it, along with a backlink, on a respected site, you must now set about contacting the right editors and site admins. If one of these people likes your content - be it a cool video, infographic or thought leadership article - they might agree to placing it within their content; along with, of course, the prized backlink.

The PR benefits

If you construct the right content, what you use for your backlinking strategy can also be great PR which shows you in the best light as an organisation or individual. So think carefully about the type of content which you want to produce, and see the backlinking and resultant SEO as a twin benefit, rather than the only purpose for creating the content in the first place.

So that is our quick guide to backlinking and how, with a bit of planning, it can help your site shoot up the Google rankings.