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Is It Worth Developing A Windows 10 Mobile App?

Posted By: Jason

Most of our customers want iOS or Android apps developing to help their businesses provide information or services to customers. But as Windows 10 Mobile devices launch this week from Microsoft and hardware partners, there may be more questions about apps for the latest mobile Windows OS.

Two pieces of bad news are that Windows Mobile currently has less than 2% market share when it comes to talking about the overall customer base. Also, a Microsoft project to make it easy to convert Android apps to Windows 10 Mobile seems to have hit the buffers, meaning it will take more work and effort to build an app for Windows Mobile.

The better news is that Windows Universal apps will run on Windows 10 PC desktops, Windows 10 Mobile devices, tablets, Xbox consoles and other devices, increasing the market substantially. So, if you have an existing PC application, it shouldn't be too hard to convert it to a Universal App which will appeal to a wider range of users across many millions of devices (Windows 10 has been installed on 120 million PCs since its launch in July).

Even if you have an iOS or Android app, Microsoft has a host of tools to help port apps across as a dedicated mobile app. Using middleware layers and tool chains, porting an app from those ecosystems no longer requires a total rewrite. Successful ports include Candy Crush Saga, proving it can work on quite high level apps.

So, if your business requires a Windows Mobile app for customers, it is not too tricky to update existing older Windows OS apps or to move one from an iPhone or Android market. While supporting a second or third app may add to the cost, with huge numbers of businesses deeply invested in the Microsoft ecosystem, be it through the Windows desktop, Office suite, Azure cloud and SharePoint, there could be many advantages to having a Windows app and we can help with mobile app development, and build Magento-based sites or apps. We can also ensure your app is user-friendly, robust and scalable to grow as your business does.