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Key early decisions to make for your app

Posted By: Jason

Many companies coming to mobile app developers and looking to build an app for their business have a wide range of questions. The first is usually: 'should the app be developed for iOS or Android?' Fortunately, in terms of most apps, developing for both platforms is not a major issue. Only if the app requires specific features of one platform such as Health or Passbook on iOS, or is graphically intensive, will there be added complexity.

During the mobile app development process, we can advise on the best route to take. If your app needs the widest exposure, then clearly developing for iOS and Android is the way to go. Other platforms, such as Windows Mobile and BlackBerry are way down the list of priorities, unless you have a niche business or a mandatory Microsoft platform requirement.

As mobile app developers, we also see lots of concerns over compatibility. Platform improvements to recent editions of Android mean that more users than ever can run modern apps, with only legacy Android apps from years ago, or poorly coded modern examples, causing problems on the platform's huge range of devices. We can avoid those pitfalls and ensure your app has the widest reach possible.

Once the target formats are set, we can help build an outline of the app's functions and ensure that it interfaces with your company's website or other services. if you need an online store, we can help build one in the popular Magento development system, or if your app needs to provide news or information, we can link it to the appropriate web services so that only the data on your website or service needs updating, not the app itself.

Many companies want their app to perform many functions or tasks, and during the development process, we can help guide you through choosing the appropriate functions for the app. For your app to be successful, it needs to be focused and not confuse users, so sometimes taking a less-is-more approach is needed to create a popular product.

Bear these thoughts in mind when planning your app, and the creation process will be a lot smoother.