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Magento 2 feature grabs visitors’ attention in two seconds

Posted By: Jason

When you're looking for a way to present your brands in a spectacular fashion in your online store, you need something that's going to grab potential customers' attention in just a few seconds. Whether it's services, products or promos that you're promoting, it's essential you have an instant pull for people who visit your website.

If you want to grab visitors' attention in just two or three seconds, you should take a look at the rich banner slider extension for Magento 2. Although there are many ideas and apps out there, when you need a ready-to-use solution, this Magento 2 development could be the answer to your prayers.

In terms of the price and the amazing number of ways you can use the extension to welcome and retain online visitors, the core definition of Magento 2's rich banner slider is value for money coupled with efficient functionality.

As a means of welcoming and endearing the online visitor to your store, the module works according to a classical marketing funnel of attention, interest and consideration. You should begin to see signs that new visitors are seriously evaluating the possibility of making a purchase from your online store.

Traditionally, it's crucial to pay as much attention to frontend functionality as it is to providing Magento admins with rich configuration options and advanced usability. The complete process of creating new banners and placing them in the appropriate place doesn't take much longer than the time your customers will spend walking through the slides in front.

The rich banner slider extension features advanced banner location and display, excellent animation options, multiple banners and slides, advanced scheduling and segmentation, advanced slides targeting, unit tests and slide statistics. The slide rotation can either be automatic, or initiated by the customer.

The slides are a basic element of the extension that creates new banners, brick by brick. The same slides can be used in different banners to obtain individual statistics of their effectiveness every time and everywhere that they're used.

For a simple way to create a banner with rotating slides, with many customisation options and efficiency stats, the rich banner slider extension for Magento 2 is hard to beat.