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Magento 2 features make upgrading a must

Posted By: Jason

Traditionally, version upgrades for infrastructure software were a pain for any business. However, with Magento 2, upgrading from your old Magento 1-era store is something that we can handle to ensure a smooth transition for your service and store.

The new version helps bring the flexibility, scalability, modularity and multi-device-friendly features to your store. Magento 2 represents a complete new code base, but there are logical steps to help migrate to the new version, covering themes, extensions, customisations and finally data. Themes and customizations may be a sticking point, as many have slower support systems or may not be upgraded, but we're sure we can find suitable alternatives.

The approved method is to create a blank Magento 2 system that broadly replicates what you were running in version one, then moving over the components with updates, and testing along the way to provide a new, clean version. Once that has been production tested, you are good to go. We can use a variety of migration and testing tools to ensure data integrity and site functionality, quickly and effectively. Once ported, your new store and back-end will be packed with all the features of the new Magento, and ways to improve your business turnover and increase customer traffic and retention.

For businesses wishing to set up a new store, we can help create an out-of-the-box Magento 2 experience for you, with none of the risks of legacy plug-ins or themes being broken. On the technical side, Magento 2 offers a new simplified file structure, a new UI library, support for HTML 5, CSS3 and many more technical innovations.

These help make your business data more robust and the service will be more reliable. From the customer perspective, stores will look more polished, be more responsive and consistent over devices. Once the community gets up to speed, an improved range of themes, features and integrations will be available.

So, if you have a Magento 1 store that needs upgrading, or are thinking of moving directly to Magento 2, get in touch and we can help provide development and design services for your store and mobile apps.