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Magento acquires RJMetrics for improved analytics data

Posted By: Jason

At Lexel, our customers are always asking for more data and insight from their ecommerce stores, and now Magento has obliged by acquiring RJMetrics, a Philadelphia company that provides cloud-based analytics for merchants. RJMetrics' products already integrate with Magento, so allow some time for formal integration and Magento 2 will be offering all users improved analysis and data, allowing the business to gain better insights into their sales and customer experiences to help improve acquisitions and conversions. The acquisition comes as Magento looks to focus on key areas, such as performance and security, content information management, B2B and marketplace integration with the likes of Amazon and eBay.

RJMetrics dashboards can help users establish: where your highest value customers come from, how ROI campaigns work through the entire sales funnel, what value discounts or coupons provide to the business, repeat order rates, and how distinct groups of customers operate using cohort analysis. If you're not already measuring this information on your store, we can help integrate it for you or find a specific plug-in or extension that meets your needs.

The changing face of ecommerce

The move comes as ecommerce patterns and stores themselves continue to evolve. The latest trend is one of automated buyers both in the B2B and consumer spaces, where a digital agent, be it Amazon's Dash buttons or intelligent search agents, are prowling online stores. They are looking for a specific item, the lowest cost version of a product or the one with fastest delivery. Making all this information searchable is key for future success as more ordering becomes automated.

For consumers, smart bots are hunting down new models or particular rare editions of trainers or shoes, with the customer relying on the bot to order and pay immediately to secure these high-profile items. More prosaic are the new generation of smart white goods products that can automatically reorder washing or dishwasher tablets for the customer. As the Internet of Things takes off, online stores need to be able to interact not just with people but with machines and services, something that Magento and others will be focused on in future updates.