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Magento expands analytical, merchandising and mobile app capabilities

Posted By: Jason

eBay's Magento company has expanded its partnership with New Relic to provide a class leading analytical platform for users of its ecommerce software. The New Relic Analytical Cloud is intended to give Magento users vital insights into the people who are purchasing from them.

Users are also given information on how well their application is performing, something that is of vital importance to ensuring conversions. Studies have shown that improving a site's response time by one second can improve conversion rates by as much as a factor of seven.

The New Relics Application Monitoring Magento extension allows developers to see how changes to a user's Magento platform are affecting performance in the real world in order to allow improvements to be made. It also allows alerts to be set up so that if there are any issues with the functioning of the software then Magento support providers can step in and resolve them.

The monitoring software also allows trends to be followed over time. This is extremely helpful in deciding how to take a Magento application further in order to make it more useful for both shoppers and retailers.

Earlier in the year, Magento launched a range of other improvements to its ecommerce platform. These include the addition of new product sorting capabilities to the Enterprise Edition that allow users to quickly identify their best performing products.

The Enterprise Edition also now incorporates Google Tag Manager to improve the speed with which marketing campaigns can be brought to market. This innovation also gives users access to Google's advanced data collection, reporting and analytical services.

Magento have also launched an updated version of their new software development kit that includes a comprehensive library of resources that can be used to create cutting edge mobile applications. This reduces the effort required to create a fully featured Magento app and thereby improves the time to market for applications.

The Braintree Payment Extension now integrates with Magento to give additional protection to merchants. This software integrates state of the art fraud protection and incorporates features that allow customers to ask for exchanges and discuss errors without requiring them to give their credit card details a second time.