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Magento makes it easier for small businesses to set up shop

Posted By: Jason

Alongside ourselves, there are thousands of Magento Developers around the world. One common problem we all have is linking a small business that wants an online store with a team like ours. You've already found our site, so that's a good start, but for the many businesses that could use Lexel's services, Magento has a new program to help link us together. Magento's Small Business program is designed to put emerging businesses in touch with third party developers, to help them deploy an affordable online Magento store front with the kind of rapid turnaround that small businesses need.

The scheme invites knowledgeable store owners to build their own frontage using Magento, or (more likely) can put them in touch with a growing number of companies around the world that can provide a leading Magento development and support service to help build an ideal store. As part of the eBay company, it provides an all-in-one service based around the freely available Magento Community Edition, a massive range of Magento platform extensions and integration, plus extra services such as PayPal, the eBay Marketplace and Braintree.

Getting in touch with a team like Lexel gives you access to a full range of services, including professional site design, back-end development, web hosting, store customisation, and maintenance to keep the site up-to-date and easy to manage. With the growing focus on mobile apps as more shoppers buy with their smartphones or tablets, we can also create apps to ensure your customers keep your store in mind when they look at their phone's screen.

While it is possible for an individual to create their own store, we can put years of knowledge, insights and hard lessons into practice to build a store that is modern, will meet the needs of your customers (not just what you think they want) and avoid many of the common mistakes of online retailing. With that in mind, the cost of a professionally designed store can reward the owner with substantially more income than a self-made store, without the stress of learning the ins and outs of Magento.