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Making sure your mobile app gets noticed

Posted By: Jason

If you've developed a great mobile app, the next challenge is getting people to use it. In a world awash with applications, fantastic innovations can sometimes get lost if developers struggle to market them effectively. Knowing how to brand and advertise the app can make all the difference, ensuring your mobile app development efforts don't come to nothing.

First of all, you need to think about all the things that are great about the app. What are its advantages and why might people want to use it? You need to consider its functions, achievements and the outcomes for people who use the app. It needs to help and support people, or perhaps entertain them. Otherwise, why will they bother to download it to their device?

Once you've thought about all its cool and useful features, you're already some way to working out the unique selling proposition (USP) for the app. Your product needs to have a USP even if you're planning to give it away for free. This is the characteristic that means mobile users choose to use your app rather than somebody else's. If you've got a great USP for your app, it's so much easier to market it effectively and generate interest on the web.

If you're working in mobile app development, you need to be conscious of who your rivals are and the products they've designed or are working on. It's worth looking at the way your competitors brand their products. Which ones tend to perform the best? You may find there are certain similarities between the way successful apps are marketed, and the platforms the developer uses to raise awareness about them. The channels you use - including social media - will depend on who your target audience is.

Once you've established what your app does, how you should promote it and what is likely to appeal to consumers, you can start thinking about your brand name, artwork and other design elements. This isn't a process you want to rush, as if you get it wrong, you could be stuck with a poorly branded app that nobody is interested in. If it doesn't draw people in, they aren't going to download it.