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Mobile app developers lag behind on big data

Posted By: Jason

Mobile app development is struggling to keep pace with its own success. As the world embraces apps on mobile devices, there is such a massive flow of data that companies, organisations and analysts simply cannot keep up. Even tech-savvy mobile app developers cannot harness their big data fast enough to analyse it and streamline their future offerings. That creates a huge gap in the market. MIT is looking at ways to organise the data and offer means for companies to truly harness the onslaught of information that is coming in to app developers on a daily basis.

For consumer apps, it’s vital to know who is using the app, when and for what, to make sure the developers can truly optimise the app and ensure it is doing the job and fully engaging the customer. If it’s an internal app, big data algorithms can ensure it is compliant and being used correctly.

Of course, many app developers have not even considered the use of big data at the build stage, but this is a mistake. Without analysing the reason an app works and what the most popular feature is, mobile app developers are leaving their success to chance.

Banks might show the way forward with big data, as the industry is creating pioneering technology to combat an upswing in fraud that has occurred in the last two years thanks to customers switching to mobile banking. Fraud detection is becoming a major arm of big data analysis and with mobile pay becoming an integral part of the public’s daily life, it’s essential that the banks get a handle on this particular type of fraud and are in a position to detect specific fraud and latch on to trends before they become a major loss.

Other app developers will inevitably benefit from the banks’ groundwork and the mobile gaming and online casino industries will almost certainly invest massive amounts as they have the largest amount to gain from big data analysis.

One thing is for sure, the proper implementation of big data strategies has lagged well behind the lightning fast pace of app development and that is one of the major areas for growth in the months and years ahead.