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Mobile app development software launched by HP

Posted By: Jason

The rising influence of mobile apps has been demonstrated by HP entering the development software market.

Mobile apps are becoming crucial for all kinds of businesses and software developers such as HP are providing fresh ways to create apps.

Customers enjoy being able to connect with their favourite products via mobile apps, with other benefits including that productivity gains can be achieved by embracing app technology and sales performance can also be boosted. The latest release from HP has been designed to help organisations produce mobile applications that delight their customers and score five-star ratings.

HP App Pulse Mobile works by constantly monitoring and analysing the stability, performance, and resource usage of mobile apps, enabling companies to measure overall user experience. The software then gives each mobile app what HP calls a FunDex score, which "provides a top-level view of problems that negatively impact the user experience with recommendations to explore and fix the root cause of each issue".

Robert Youngjohns, executive vice-president and general manager at HP Software, stated that more businesses are getting serious about mobile app development as they see the many benefits to be achieved through having their own app. He noted point solutions can sometimes "fall short in helping them to quickly create and deliver amazing mobile experiences that are secure, high-performing, and beautiful".

Mr Youngjohns added that HP can use big data to "help businesses deliver winning mobile apps that delight customers and positively impact their brand, revenue, and market share".

The launch of HP App Pulse Mobile comes only a short time after a new mobile app development suite was launched by Yahoo, indicating this is a section of the IT software market that is seeing strong levels of growth. HP has also brought out a new version of its Agile project management software, which is designed to help mobile teams in their efforts to adopt Agile practices and deliver high-quality mobile apps faster.

Among the top challenges in mobile app development is accurately predicting scale and usage levels to enable peak app experience, which HP App Pulse Mobile helps to battle.

HP added that its new range of solutions can be used "to accelerate application delivery, test and monitor apps across multiple devices and operating systems, and provide mobile users with exceptional and secure experiences".