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Mobile apps can help users improve their love lives

Posted By: Jason

As Valentine's day quickly approaches, many people are prompted to reflect on their love lives. Despite claims that technological innovations are leading to a disconnect in the modern world, mobile app development can actually help people to improve their connections. Singletons can get help with finding a relationship, while those already coupled can get help with keeping the romance going. Here are some of the best relationship apps currently on the market:


Boasting around 50 million active users, Tinder is perhaps the most famous dating app on the market at the moment. Recent research suggests that users check the app on average 11 times per day, spending about 90 minutes browsing in total. Individuals create profiles from their Facebook accounts and, utilising GPS, some of their details are displayed to other users nearby. The app then shows possible matches and in response users swipe right to ‘like’ and left to ‘pass.’


As another highly popular app, OkCupid has around 30 million active users and more than 1 million logins each day. Unlike location-based apps, users answer multiple choice questions and are sent matches. The more questions answered, the better the matches will be.


This is a cute and romantic app that allows couples to communicate and flirt throughout the day. There is a private timeline where other halves can draw pictures for each other, give updates, share locations and photos, send instant messages and video chat. Couples can also ‘thumb kiss’ each other by holding their thumbs against the screens at the same time- the screens glow red and the phones vibrate.


Created by relationship gurus John and Julie Gottman, LoveMaps is based on their advice on what leads to successful relationships. The app allows couples to map what they know about each other’s inner worlds. What they like, dislike, what is going on for them during their day-to-day, their aspirations and deepest desires.

Whether a user is looking to meet someone local, find their perfect match, communicate with their partner or strengthen their relationship, mobile apps are a great option. The success of existing services shows that there is a big market for apps that strengthen people’s connections.