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New, highly secure mobile app development platform unveiled by Globo

Posted By: Jason

Earlier in the week, Globo - an enterprise mobility management firm - introduced a new, super secure platform for mobile app development, with plans to target it mostly towards regulated industries, including the financial, legal and healthcare sectors.

A breakthrough

Security is (or should be) of the utmost importance to mobile app developers, so the introduction of the new GO!AppZone platform is definitely welcome. It essentially allows a high level of encryption for secure mobile app development, along with deployment and mobile app management, meeting the highest of security standards. So far, Globo is the only company able to offer this level of management security in regards to mobile app lifecycles.

Globo's vice president of technology and innovation, Paul DePond, spoke to FierceMobileIT: "If I create an application with our studio, the data as it goes from the handheld back to the server would be encrypted at that FIPS 140-2 level, which is rock-solid from a security standpoint."

DePond continued by explaining how an increasing number of companies are becoming interested in mobile app development, particularly in the middle of the market, and Globo wanted to anticipate and cater to their needs - especially with some of the most recent security breaches that have been highlighted in the news.

The future

Not only is the GO!AppZone platform super secure, it also has improved support for developer access and back-end system data integration, improving overall device functionality. Once you use the platform to fully develop an app, you can then use the GO!Enterprise EMM platform for Secure Workspace to deploy it.

Is this the way forward? We certainly hope so. After all, most people aren't really thinking about their security when downloading and installing the latest apps, or even simply playing a game of Angry Birds - that's the developer's responsibility.

Some of the biggest security dangers in mobile app development come from things like insecure data storage, weak server-side controls, unintended data leakage, broken cryptography and security decisions through untrusted inputs. Hopefully, as security continues to come on in leaps and bounds, security threats will no longer be as much of an issue for developers and consumers alike.