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New security extension protects Magento admin accounts

Posted By: Jason

As with any popular online system or service, threats against Magento are on the rise. Hackers would love to break into a store and either plant malware to spread to users, or to steal any valuable information stored within or on related databases. We've already seen several major WordPress break-ins this year, and huge hacks against all types of business sites. To help keep your Magento store secure, there are a range of plug-ins on offer, which can go along with our mobile app development services.

The latest product to help protect Magento sites is Alarmbell from Nexcess. An open source Magento security plug-in, it can help protect your ecommerce store by notifying owners when an admin user account is created, modified or deleted. This is a common tactic of an attacker, once they have gained access to a Magento store. Creating a new admin account allows them to take control of the system and direct data to their own servers or email accounts.

Alarmbell logs these changes and sends email alerts whenever a modification is made to an admin account; it can log IP addresses and account details of the person or system making the change, enabling the rightful admins to lock accounts and restore normal services. Security should be at the top of every online store owner's agenda, and Alarmbell is just one of the tools available that can be used to help protect systems, data and customer accounts.

However long you have had your store, the Magento Security page is a key resource for the latest patches, best practices for security and news on the latest malware and other security alerts that could affect your store. Keeping Magento versions and patches up to date is a key part of any security best practice, but even if you do that and feel secure, learning what the current threats are and how to mitigate them is vital to understanding what could go wrong. Additional plug-ins like Alarmbell can help improve your security and we are always on hand to provide advice and information about how to protect your store.

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