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Our top 3 research tips for mobile app development

Posted By: Jason

According to a recent infographic posted on Design Contest, it is predicted that there will be 5 billion mobile users by 2018. Although this figure highlights that there will be a vast audience of potential customers that can be directly targeted via mobile apps, this infographic also highlighted that only 22% of downloaded apps are used more than once. Consequently, it is vital that your company's mobile app captivates its users and encourages them to use it frequently. Fortunately, one of the best ways in which your business can create a successful mobile app is by carrying out targeted research of your customers and their consumer preferences. To help you do this, listed below are our top three research questions which your business should ask itself when creating a mobile app:

1. What rival apps are currently available on the market?

Given that there are more than 1.5 million apps available via the Apple App Store and Google Play, it is pivotal that your app offers something different and more advanced than that of your rival competitors. Before designing your app, you should research and scrutinise the current competition in order to successfully devise a uniquely superior app.

2. Is it simple enough?

Although you will want your app to offer its users multiple benefits, it should remain quick and effortless to operate. If you create a complicated and convoluted app, users are more likely to grow frustrated and refrain from using it. As a result, when consulting with your mobile app developers, you should endeavour to design an app which has a user-friendly interface and which can be easily accessed across multiple platforms.

3. How will your app integrate with your business?

You can create the most stylish, technologically proficient app available but if it does not integrate successfully with your business, it will cost you time, money and customer loyalty. From processing orders to providing exceptional levels of customer service, you should extensively research how your company's mobile app processes will affect your current business model before you begin developing it.