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Secure mobile application development is the key to multi-channel integration

Posted By: Jason

‘Real world’ mobile applications are looking set to make huge strides in the next year. These include applications that serve specific functions such as ecommerce apps that increase convenience and aid daily interactions in a time poor environment by offering consumers an alternative payment methodology.

Many retailers have mobile enabled versions of their websites available but still view their physical stores and apps as very detached entities. In many cases, retailer’s applications are simply just a website alternative but in a format optimised for mobile devices. However new research suggests that mobile applications are now overtaking mobile web browser usage.

Physical shopping locations are still able to offer a different kind of experience to customers that online purchasing can’t and taps into the nature of the consumerist society that we live in. People still shop as a leisure activity and do not just look for essential necessities so there is great opportunity to impact upon consumers.

Now, many retailers are working towards integration of the physical store and an intuitive mobile app experience.

Mobile apps could be used in store to gain product information or even to pay for purchases with a mobile wallet-style program. By combining their physical store and mobile apps, businesses can give customers exactly what they want. Customers can swiftly browse through products using their mobile screen, yet still engage in a full in-person shopping experience that shopping on the net cannot provide.

However, with the emergence and integration of such mobile technologies, building safer and more secure apps will be a key focus in 2015.

2014 had its fair share of high profile hacking news with various digital platforms targeted and large amounts of financial and personal information being stolen.

Customers are now becoming more and more aware of the potentials dangers that come alongside such rapid technological innovations and are increasingly looking to businesses for assurances that their mobile applications are safe and secure.

In 2015 app developers will face the key challenge to improve security systems to the point that individuals will feel confident sharing their banking or personal information with an app.