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SEO Hack – Updating Your Existing Content

Posted By: Jason

One of the first things to learn about SEO is that Google is always one step ahead of you. The algorithms search engines use are updated all the time and what might be getting your site a high ranking one day can often see it do the complete opposite the next. If you have ever wondered ‘how can I keep my website ranking high on search engines once they change their SEO preferences?’, you’ll be glad to hear that there are things you can do which don’t involve scrapping the work you have already done and starting again.


We know how annoying it is to see your search engine rank drop (trust us, all of our SEO knowledge comes from trying and testing methods on our own website for the past 10 years), and it can often feel as if the easiest option may be to delete existing content to play it safe. There are, however, alternative methods to coming back after an search engine ranking drop and our list below will help you when it comes to bringing your rankings back up again.


  • Go through all of your site’s content and make sure it is up-to-date. If any details have changed, especially contact details, then ensure that they are correct on your site. You don’t want to lower your conversion rate simply because your site’s visitors are struggling to get in touch with you.


  • Test all of the links embedded on your site, both to internal and external pages.  You need to ensure that they are all still working otherwise you risk Google de-ranking your site. If you have a small-scale site then doing this yourself shouldn’t take too much work but if your site has an extensive amount of pages, the best option might be to use an online broken link checker tool.


  • Delete any spammy comments on your posts as they will definitely not be favoured by Google and will most likely see your site’s rank decrease until they have been gotten rid of. Whilst you can’t install a plugin to get rid of existing spam comments, there are a whole host which will prevent any further ones being posted so if you are finding this to be a recurring issue then we suggest looking into such plugins.


  • Making sure that old content has been updated to use keywords and links to relevant pages. Even old pages need to be suitable for your site’s users.


  • Check in with Google Analytics, or whatever other SEO tools you use, and see which parts of your site receive the most traffic. These pages are the ones you want to make sure are entirely SEO friendly as they are already being picked up by the likes of Google so they should be the easiest ones to improve the rankings of even further. Make sure that all of the information on those pages is accurate, you want to be sure that anyone who lands on these pages will be able to get whatever they need out of them. Be sure that they use your keywords and even work on using these pages as the ones you link back to when posting on other sites - just make sure any other site you post on with a link to your own site has a high domain authority (you can check by simply putting their site through a domain authority checker site) as without this, Google may see it as a reason to bring your site’s ranking down. Only post backlinks on sites which rank higher than your own site, if possible.


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