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SEO Companies in London can make more mistakes then resolve

Posted By: Jason

All businesses with a web presence need to invest in SEO. But mistakes are easily made, and, for small businesses in particular, there's many places where you can find good agencies, but London is the by far the best place to find an SEO Company in London.

1. The wrong keywords

Work out how you define your offer and then spend time analysing how potential customers would search for your products and services. Remember, these terms need to be specific. Do careful background research beforehand using Google's Trends and AdWords KeywordPlanner to help.

2. Keyword stuffing

When you have your SEO keyword list, it can be tempting to stuff them into your content. But Google takes a dim view of this and will penalise your website. Use keywords naturally and in a way that will be meaningful to a human reader.

3. Creating irrelevant content

Remember, Google wants to send customers to content that best meets their search. So don't waste time creating content that doesn't match your keywords or focus on them. Create a content plan that truly answers the needs and interests of your target audience and then add your keywords naturally to it. SEO agencies and an SEO Company in London will tell you that this is the crux of good SEO.

4. Copied content

Plagiarise your content and you'll be seen as a spam website that is penalised in rankings. Don't be tempted to use software packages that repurpose existing content into something new. Spend time investing in meaningful, value-adding and original text that human readers and search engines will value alike.

5. Not using metas and tags

When you create a piece of content, make sure you give it a meta description and title tags. These help search engines to recognise and rank your content when they crawl your website. Another important thing to remember is to include image or alt tags for any pictures that you use. Search bots can't see or 'read' images, but they will use the alt tags to help index the content.

6. Not investing in links

It's good practice to have quality external links on your website that link to well-ranking, relevant and reputable websites. Add backlinks too and clear up any internal link errors or breaks to make your website as user-friendly as possible.

With regular investment and time, your efforts will start to pay off.