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Posted By: Jason

Marketers will by now be aware that on May 25 2018, the landscape is changing. The General Data Protection Regulation enters into force and with it comes greater protection for consumers. Using personal data in your marketing strategy, for example in sending update or offer emails, or targeting web pages to a particular customer, will only be permissible if you have consent or a legitimate interest to do so. Consent gives greater control but can be withdrawn, whilst legitimate interests requires that the needs of the business be balanced against the rights of the private individual.

Other grounds for using data are available but unlikely to apply to most businesses. There are also restrictions on, and specific requirements applicable when, sharing data with third-party service providers, which will likely put a stop on widespread customer database sharing.

As a result, companies will need to be more strategic about how they spend their advertising budget and who they share their data with. Whilst the GDPR impacts personal data, it also provides an opportunity to use data (anonymous and non-personal) more astutely within your marketing budget, by focusing attention away from lazy mail shoot marketing towards a more accurate approach. One of the most effective ways to use data to support your marketing strategy is SEO, a method for optimising your presence online designed to boost your ranking on search engines and which is based on sound data analytics and analysis. SEO requires no personal data and therefore no risk for companies who might otherwise find themselves subject to large fines levied under the GDPR for misuse of personal data as part of a misguided strategy.

We provide optimisation services across a multitude of platforms and are experienced in a wide variety of industries. Our team are constantly learning and improving their methods in order to enhance the value-add to our customers and have a proven track record in driving traffic and creating value.

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