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Survey shows most companies view mobile app development as essential

Posted By: Jason

Mobile app development is now a critical part of firms' operations, according to a new survey that shows most companies believe it's "essential" to doing business. Some, however, were concerned about high costs associated with developing mobile apps.

The study, carried out by moBack, a mobile service company, found that 80% of those questioned were of the view that mobile app development was important for their business, and that 65% were using cloud computing solutions to develop their mobile apps.

The survey focused on 200 technology executives and found that a range of problems were encountered in developing mobile apps. These included delays, and problems finding people with the right skills in developing the apps. However, the companies were still forging ahead with their apps, with 40% of them planning around 10 new mobile apps in the next three years and a quarter planning up to 50 mobile apps in the same time period.

moBack CEO Dev Gandhi said mobile apps are now crucial to getting an edge in the fiercely competitive business environment. “From our experience in building apps for enterprises across various industry segments, we find that the need for adopting mobile technologies is becoming a top priority in order to stay ahead of competition,” he said. “The challenge most IT executives face is to achieve this in a cost-effective manner, while also maintaining control over business-critical information.”

Due to the prevalence of smartphones and tablet computers, more people than ever are accessing companies’ services using their apps and not their websites; this changing cyber-landscape is forcing tech giants, such as Google and many others, to alter their services to give preference to mobile.

Other findings from the survey were that 75% of those questioned said ease of use was one of the most important aspects of a mobile app development platform, while two out of three tech executives said being able to tailor an app development platform to their needs was desirable. But 70% of respondents said they remained concerned about costs and also security.

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