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The 5 need to know mobile app design trends for 2017

Posted By: Jason

It's always difficult to predict the mobile design landscape, but some clear trends have emerged over the last few years that will become need-to-know design tips as we move into 2017. Device appropriate design, usability and the user experience, and the move towards a more centralised web will all impact on the way we design mobile apps for the savvy user.

Consistent and usable UI design

Mobile apps can stand and fall on the way that gestures are implemented in UI design. A shift is predicted from visuals to user experience with style guides and pattern libraries moving the focus away from aesthetics to practical, consistent and usable design. These gesture interactions that focus on user experience have the potential to create more interesting and immersive user experiences.

The rise of the chat bot

Another shift in creating the ideal user experience is the move away from the dreaded hamburger menu to a more instinctive interface dependent on more natural interactions. The chat bot is quickly evolving as the personalised way to create those interactions for your users.

Design that is device appropriate

The shift to mobile first can leave some desktop interactions feeling incomplete. Although mobile first isn't going anywhere, design will shift to create a superior user experience that adapts seamlessly whatever the device.

Adaptive typography will reign

Part of the shift to device appropriate design will focus on adaptive typography, particularly as navigational design evolves away from hamburgers towards Priority+ menus and tab bars. Attention to adaptive and scalable typography will continue to grow as part of the user experience, making content more legible, immersive and engaging.

Tamagotchi gestures

Users are pushing back against greater homogeneity by demanding a level of charm and personality in their interactions. Like the Tamagotchi pet of old, users are prepared to tend to and nurture a less than slick interface if it has the human touch. It's something Amazon and Twitter do well through their old school simplicity. Ignore this kick back at your peril as Tamagotchi gestures are set to be the big trend in mobile app design.

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