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The importance of cyber security protection in mobile application development

Posted By: Jason

Across the world and here in the UK, we have recently had a rude reminder about the threats to cyber security. We refer to, of course, the recent piece of ransomware (nicknamed WannaCry) that held many NHS computers and data inaccessible. It serves as a timely reminder as to how important it is to try to ensure that our chosen online platforms are as well protected as can be against such criminal behaviour.

Many SMEs rely on agencies for eCommerce and mobile application development

Most large enterprises have their own IT departments whose job it is to deploy appropriate cyber security. But the majority of SMEs have to rely on agencies to design and manage their platforms. If your online business falls into this category, it’s important to track down a digital support agency that you feel you can trust, and one of the most important things to check out is how good their cyber security credentials are, especially if you intend to use them as a mobile application design agency.

The growing Malware threat

Malware has been a problem since the birth of the internet. It is, unfortunately, a logical progression. For every good initiative that comes along, someone is bound to devise some sort of unscrupulous methodology to try and bring it down or exploit it.

As more devices are brought into the online environment, the greater the potential threat becomes. A short while ago it was the “bring your own device” (BYOD) into the workplace philosophy that caused red flags to be waved. Now, with the explosion of accessing the web “on-the-hoof,” it is the eCommerce and mobile application design that is coming under the microscope.