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The three most successful mobile apps of all time and why they worked

Posted By: Jason

Take a tip from the best and be inspired by the most successful mobile app developments that the world has yet seen. From the quirky to the simply business minded, these top three mobile apps will be sure to provide plenty of ideas for those who are currently working on mobile app development projects.


The photo taking and sharing app instagram blended a well timed release date with a commitment to keeping things open and visible that surprised some.

Previously to instagram, app developers had tended to make their apps quite possessive. Images created within the app could only be viewed and shared by other app users.

App developers believed that this would entice more people to participate in the app. Instagram, however, allows photos to be posted instantaneously to Facebook and Twitter, for everyone to see and it's this that helped to make it so popular.

The fact that its launch was timed to coincide with the release of the iPhone 4, which was renowned for its improved camera, was probably no coincidence.


Clear is an app that presents a simple to do list without the need for buttons. The simplicity of the concept ensured that it stood out from its competitors from the word go.

However another key secret to Clear's global success is the fact that it went big with the marketing. In particular, the developers showed a Vimeo demo video at the 2012 MacWorld conference: a sure fire way to capture the attention of all of the top people in tech. And it paid off!


Snapchat's secret to success was through creating hype among its target audience. The app, which enables users to send quick messages and photos to each other anywhere in the world, has the feel of a traditional SMS message but with a better global reach and none of the huge costs associated with international text messaging.

Snapchat is useful for people of any age, however, the app's developers knew that it would only really take off once it became big among teens. And so, they made sure to target their marketing campaigns on high schools and colleges.