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The value of an designing and sticking to a long-term content plan

Posted By: Jason

When it comes to enhancing your digital marketing, making your website more visible, and ensuring consumers get added value from your organisation, the current buzzword is 'content'. Without good content, you'll struggle to build your brand's reputation, and will ultimately find it difficult to stand out in a crowded marketplace.designing And, while this is true, many organisations struggle when it comes to defining the right content that will appeal to key audiences, and then committing to a long-term content production and distribution plan. In order to benefit from content, you need to do far more than simply write a blog; you need to write it for the right reasons and get it seen by the right people.

Know your audience

When you plan for the long-term, you are forced to focus on exactly who you want to reach, and how you're going to be able to reach them. You can do this by designing personas - a reflection of the key person you're targeting - and by figuring out the key aspects of your business you want to promote. Understand what makes your business unique, what content will best reflect your primary services and products, and then consider how best - and how often - to publish your work. A 12-month content calendar will give you a great foundation upon which to build your long-term content strategy. Within this, you should look at key dates throughout the year, and consider how your content can make the most of these times. You can get a guide to creating a year-long content calendar here.

A marathon, not a sprint

You won't necessarily benefit from your content immediately. Being aware of this is important because without acknowledging that your content will likely take time to really come to fruition, it can be very easy to become despondent when it doesn't reap immediate rewards. Checking SEO reports   When it comes to bolstering your position in the Google search rankings (SERP), you need to ensure you produce quality content regularly, include pertinent keywords in every piece of work, and distribute it via the right channels. Google's algorithms have a preference for companies that publish strong, interesting and informative content over an extended period of time, so the sooner you get started, the sooner you'll start to see the benefits. Read some tips here. For more information on designing a content plan that helps you climb up the rankings, speak to the team,