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Three big eCommerce trends in 2017

Posted By: Jason

If you don't keep up in eCommerce, your organisation's online retailing life could be very short indeed. That's because the sector moves at a rapid rate - no sooner have long established retailers built a significant online presence, than the goal posts move again, as the way in which consumers are routed to the products they want changes.

In this blog, we look at three trends which have characterised 2017 in eCommerce so far.

Payment progress

Retailers set up on the high street have made payments easier over the past few years, with technologies such as contactless payment coming to the fore. So how can online retailers keep up by making the payment process a help rather than a hindrance? Mastercard may have come up with the answer, and they have begun to experiment with 'selfie approval' which can accept payments based on customer identification which uses facial features to confirm details.

Omnichannel strategies

If mobile was last year's big thing in eCommerce, in 2017 it has become a trend which is on its way to becoming the norm. Online retailers cannot afford to be left behind by websites which are not mobile friendly and risk making the customer experience a shaky one. Updating systems can cost money, which is why some players in eCommerce might have been slow to catch on, but with advances in mobile application development and new technologies such as the Order Management System from Magento, it is now an awful lot easier, and less expensive, to grab a slice of the mobile market with an optimised site.


Directing potential customers to the products they appear more likely to buy is not only a sales exercise, it is also a big tick in the box of customer experience. That's because visitors to eCommerce sites can appreciate suggestions and advertisements which are tailored to their history of enquiries or purchases. This smart use of 'big data' has become more prevalent, and eCommerce companies who shun its potential could be missing a trick.

So that's our three big eCommerce trends for 2017 - keep pace or play catch up! If you're looking to implement Magento for your online store, get in touch today.