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Three great Shopify features than can help you expand your business

Posted By: Jason

With traditional high-street stores dying out, and commerce more and more moving into the online realm, it's essential that your business has the best payment-solution tools in order for it to prosper in a crowded marketplace. If customers can't get what they want quickly and conveniently from your particular organisation, they'll very quickly move on to one that can provide what they're looking for, with a minimum of fuss.

With this in mind, Shopify is a fantastic solution package for e-commerce and service-providing businesses, and if you're not already familiar with it, it features some fantastic tools designed to help you run your business and offer your products for sale online. Here we take a look at just three of those great features, and at how they can help to make your life easier.

1) Accept payments from credit cards

Shopify's payment operating system (POS) enables your organisation to take payments from customers who wish to pay by credit cards such as Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express. This is particularly handy for sole traders who are on the go, dealing face-to-face with their customers: simply present the card reader, the customer swipes... and you receive payment instantly. There are no concealed fees or added costs – and you can take a look at the payments you've received any time using the convenient dashboard facility.

2) Enterprise e-commerce platform

Shopify also offers its very own Enterprise e-commerce facility, which enables you to scale and grow your business by providing you with access to a number of handy features, such as the ability to create automated campaigns, and the option to create a 'personalised wholesale' channel – which is particularly useful for those organisations which deal in a large number of items.

3) Shopify blog

You'll also have access to a constantly-updated Shopify blog, offering you every kind of support and guidance you could possibly wish for in building up your business. You'll be able to read numerous articles at any time of the day or night, offering support on subjects such as how to get more traffic, and how to increase your sales.