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Three tips for WordPress maintenance

Posted By: Jason

If you are a WordPress user, there is a good chance that you value the simplicity and functionality of the content management system (CMS). It is a platform which can make administrating a website a joy, but you must remember to perform necessary maintenance tasks. In this blog, we look at some actions which can help you keep your WordPress site in the best condition, at both the front and back end.

1. Don't forget to back up

Websites can run into problems every now and then, so it makes a lot of sense to keep your site, including news and blog sections, backed up. In terms of where to back it up - your hosting provider can help, or you might prefer to back up onto an FTP. Look out for a range of WordPress plug-ins which allow you to back up your site periodically - they can make things a whole lot easier. Here are just a few.

2. Shed your unused plug-ins

If you are not using a plug-in, and don't plan to in the future, there is no need for them to be on your computer. An overload of plug-ins can actually make your website less efficient - completely the opposite of what they are designed to do! Only have a plug-in installed if it is active, as aside from impacting on performance, it can also cause security issues - so just turn it off and press delete.

3. 'Weed' your database

In the same vein as best practice for plug-ins, you can make sure that your database of content - especially audio and video - does not become unnecessarily bloated. Not only do unwanted posts make your site less relevant, but they are also taking up space. The same goes for deleting user comments which appear to be spam - they can have the effect of making your site look unkempt; so get rid. Check the official WordPress site for more tips on combatting comment spam. Those are just three ways to keep on top of WordPress maintenance. If you want some guidance on WordPress maintenance, call on the expertise of an experienced WordPress Agency, who will be able to streamline your maintenance activities.