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Three ways to make your app as user-friendly as possible

Posted By: Jason

It's no longer enough to have an app that's on-brand and stylish - they need to be as functional and easy-to-use as they are great to look at. Here are just three ways you can make your app that much more user-friendly and enjoyable to those who download it:`

1. Be intuitive and navigation-friendly

According to Gabriel Shaoolian for Forbes, the second biggest thing your customers need from an app is an intuitive layout and navigation functionality that's both easy and practical. This mimics the way people perceive web design, in that being able to get where you want to, and see the product or service you want to purchase, should be easy and effortless. Take the time and effort to see what the customer experiences when they tap on your app, and you will be able to form a far better 'map' of how your app needs to function to be effective.

2. Be accessible

What's the point of creating a great app if part of your audience can't even use it? This article on Medium agrees that when it comes to creating a user-friendly app, having accessibility on many platforms is a must. This means ensuring your app works across many different platforms, including iOS and Android, and is equally as functional on all of them. Your users' experience should be just as good, no matter what device they're choosing to use.

3. Reduce the complexity

It's entirely possible that you have thousands of excellent ideas for your app - but using them all in just one download just isn't practical for you, or your users. Too much is as bad as too little when it comes to app design, and to achieve an app that's truly user-friendly, striking the right balance between too much and too little content is a must. There should always be a value-add for those using your app, but overwhelming them can result in a confusing and complicated experience.

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