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Tips for improving the visibility of apps through app developer’s

Posted By: Jason

Companies are increasingly recognising mobile apps as the future for reaching a mass audience. However, with so many handheld devices and App Developer's on the market it can be difficult to have your own brand recognised. Here are some tips for dealing with saturation in app stores to help make sure your own app is seen by customers.

1. Choose the correct category

Making sure your app is in the right category will help to enable it to rise in the rankings. It also ensures that it is seen by your target audience. Popular app stores also have sub-categories to further increase the relevancy of results when customers perform a search. For this reason, it is important to decide how your app should be categorised. Failing to do so or placing it in a misleading category can violate an app stores guidelines.

2. Choose the right keywords

The utilisation of keywords is becoming an increasingly popular way of increasing app visibility. When a lesser known SEO Companies releases an app, it is useful to choose keywords that have low competition. This allows the app to rise further in the rankings. However, it also means fewer people will be searching for it. Choosing high competition keywords runs the risk of having the app lost in a sea of similar content. However, it also ensures that you have a higher potential audience.

3. Encourage positive reviews

Nothing helps to increase app visibility like a large number of reviews that praise the product. An app that has exceptional reviews will make it to the front page of a store. One way of encouraging customers to do this is to send them a push notification. This was once seen as an invasive inconvenience but has now become a commonplace practice. It is an ideal alternative to creating fake reviews which will risk you getting banned from the store permanently.

4. Constantly monitor

One of the most important things to remember when promoting the growth of an app is that it needs near constant attention, this is where app developer's come in. If there are issues that need to be resolved, it is crucial to correct them as soon as possible. Otherwise, sales will quickly stagnate. Having staff check customer reviews often is a good way to make sure the app is running smoothly and without fault. Constant improvements and updates will make the app as good as it can be and allow it to rise up in the app store rankings. This, in turn, will give it higher visibility.