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Trends for mobile app developers to be aware of

Posted By: Jason

The nature of technology means that systems are constantly updating and changing. A mobile app developer can often be in danger of focusing on a system that has become obsolete. The best mobile apps are ones that keep up to date with the tech that customers are using. Take for instance Pokemon Go as a case study. This game recognised both the GPS systems available in smartphones as well as the habits of customers being more active. It utilised these in order to create an app that exploded with popularity. However, this turned out to be a short-lived fad. No app stays popular forever. With this in mind, it is important to recognise the most recent trends in mobile app development.

1. Wearable tech

Smart watches are increasing in sales. In 2016 alone over 100 million wearable tech devices were purchased. When Apple first announced their smartwatch hardware some dismissed it as a niche market. However, now that prices for this kind of tech have fallen there has been an increase in the number of customers flocking to purchase them.

2. The Internet of Things

More and more everyday objects are being given smart capabilities. Users are able to turn on their lights and televisions with their smart devices. Everything from domestic appliances to medical equipment is being connected to the internet. This huge potential for applications allows developers to make their apps use real-world objects.

3. Mobile commerce

The advent of "freemium" gaming has proven that mobile commerce can be extremely lucrative. Well-known brands such as the Harry Potter franchise have followed this trend. It seems more and more likely that mobile phones will be the future of real-world commerce, replacing credit and debit cards. Apple Pay and Google Wallet are two such examples that are becoming increasingly popular as customers are attracted to the convenience and immediacy of this payment format.

4. Location sensing

Modern phones come with location-sensing capabilities which allow users to determine their location if misplaced. This is useful for the development of apps that feature anti-theft, navigation and geo-tagging. It seems likely that the best apps of the future will utilise this capability. It is a phone function that will always be relevant.