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What can you learn from 2014’s app trends?

Posted By: Jason

Queen of the mobile analytics market, App Annie has published its report on 2014's most popular apps and trends. You can download the report for free (by providing some basic details) here ( It provides some useful insights for mobile app developers, product planners and designers as to what could be the next big thing in apps.

The vaguely depressing news is that its the usual suspects at the top of most charts with Facebook, Clash of Clans, Pandora, YouTube and other big hitting apps dominating. However, further into the report, we see that social networking, photography, education and productivity apps continue to climb the category rankings, so there's plenty of room for growth in those areas. If your app can appeal to those markets, you stand a better chance of making an impact.

What definitely rose to fame in 2014 were many incredibly simple, single-tap type apps, from Flappy Birds, to the Yo app that raised almost £1 million in funding. If you can find a niche app with one killer feature that will be popular and insanely easy to use, then there is little harm in throwing it out there to see if it could be the next big viral app.

If your app can have a global appeal, or you can focus it on particular markets, then the BRIC countries (Brazil, Russia, India and China) are set to continue booming in 2015, along with territories like Turkey and Mexico which are soaring up the download and revenue charts.

Reflecting the rise in focused video and streaming content, perhaps the next key step in mobile evolution is local video streaming apps. Consider hyper-local news, live viral video broadcasts and other avenues as highly monetisable areas to investigate for your next killer app. And, if you can give it a female-friendly, social focus, then women are busier in those segments than men.

So, perhaps the breakout apps for 2015 will be those that target popular female-focused trends, brands and emerging markets. Will your app find the magic ingredient and be the next million pound wonder?