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What do your customers need from your app?

Posted By: Jason

The most important part of any mobile app is the customer. As such, understanding what your customers want is absolutely essential for developing a successful application. Of course, customers view different businesses in different ways. What’s more, every consumer demographic wants something different from its mobile apps. Ergo, to understand what your customers want, you have to understand who they are and what they use your business for. The way your app works, the mood it evokes and the features it has should all depend on the type of customers you expect to use it.

Simplicity or complexity?

All mobile apps should be intuitive and easy to use, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they have to be simple. Some demographics respond well to deeper, more complex apps with multiple functions that can even be customised. If you run a business that sells gadgets or technology, or if your target demographic is younger and more tech-savvy, it’s often worth developing a more nuanced, complex app in order to hold your audience’s attention. If, however, your target demographic is older or doesn’t have extensive experience of complicated software, it is a good idea to opt for a simpler design to ensure that none of your users have difficulty interacting with the design.

Friendly or functional?

Whether your app has plain interface and graphics that are purely functional or ones that prioritise friendliness and approachability should depend on the type of customer who will be using that app. If your business sells products or services that are intended to be fun and light-hearted, then your customers are likely to appreciate an app that evokes an upbeat and carefree mood. If, however, you sell more pragmatic, functional products or services, your customers are more likely to prefer an app that is refined and functional.

Static or evolving?

Some consumers prefer straight-forward, unchanging apps that they can rely on whereas others prefer apps that are constantly being changed and updated to meet their needs. If your business sells simple, day-to-day products, your customers are likely to view your app as a utility: they don’t want to be wowed or impressed by it, they just want it to be functional. As such, they are likely to prefer static, unchanging apps that they can use almost automatically. However, if your business deliberately appeals to more dynamic, energetic demographics with cutting-edge products or constantly-evolving services, you should opt for an app that can be updated regularly to hold their interest. Mobile app development should always take account of the needs of the customer. If you understand your customers and the way they view your business, releasing an app that meets their requirements will be easy.

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