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What Google’s mobile first indexing means to businesses

Posted By: Jason

In November 2016, it was announced that Google was moving over to mobile first indexing when creating its search engine rankings. The tech giant said that they were making the move because mobile use had overtaken desktop use and, while some industries have yet to fully witness this potentially seismic change in trend, it makes sense to optimise user experience for mobile. The days of having a responsive web design as a luxury are long gone; a site should be fully optimised for mobile.

Mobile user experience

A better mobile experience won’t detract from a desktop user’s experience, but it will enhance the experience of visitors that use mobile phones, tablets, and even wearables. These are the users that Google says are more likely to land on the pages of your site. They will be using screens that vary from around 3” to 7” in size. Images, video, and shorter paragraphs and sentences are essential, but if you want to really provide a mobile experience, then a mobile app could be your best option.

Customised apps

Mobile apps can be customised completely to meet the needs of your visitors and users. Whether you are an e-commerce service, you provide daily updates, or you run any other kind of website, you can have an effective and powerful app developed for you.


Apps are a great branding opportunity. Not only can you include your logo, tagline and company information on a variety of pages and splash pages, but your app icon will be on the screen of your user’s phone. They could, potentially, see it every time they use their phone. In these cases, it won’t take long before they think of you as the business to go to when they need the product or service that you offer.

Social shares and links

Providing a mobile app is also a great way to naturally attract new customers. People love apps. They also love to share apps with friends and family. An intelligent and well-developed app from Lexel can enjoy considerable social shares, review write-ups, and can quickly become one of your most potent features. The more exposure and the more links it builds, the greater the benefit you will enjoy in search engines too.

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