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What to look forward to in app development for 2015

Posted By: Jason

Research industry big wigs Forrester have put together a list of what they predict will be big in app development in 2015 ( Even though they might be experts, some of their predictions seem a little off, but let's see what you think.

The obvious one we think you'll all agree on is that wearables will finally kick into gear in 2015, as the Apple Watch finally hits stores and takes off. Even though it might not be as popular as the iPhone or iPad, it should see major interest and a boost in sales for Android models too. Then the app scene will explode with new ideas to the fore, rather than predictable updates to existing apps. New ideas are key to selling the hardware, and innovation could come from anywhere, not just the hardware makers.

Forrester reckons that mobile app development will see more use of API design tools and virtualization, as these become standard tools for coding teams. That will help get more apps launched across wider platforms and devices. They also reckon that standalone app development will start to fade, as users look for their news and social content from the front end on their phone. The more that people do things in widgets and the main OS interface, the less need there is for apps.

With more devices moving to hi-def displays, content in apps will need to look better, and dedicated versions for tablets will also be more popular as more users own multiple devices. Forrester also believes that further innovation in hardware will see new opportunities in apps, although new device features seem limited to health in the last few iterations.

Finally, low-code platforms are touted as encouraging more people to start developing their own apps, but this won't pick up steam outside of hobbyists for a year or two yet.

What do you think will be the big thing in mobile apps in 2015? If you are you looking for an App Developer please get in contact.