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What you need to know about mobile-first indexing from the SEO Experts

Posted By: Jason

It’s hardly a secret that Google places a lot of importance on mobile-friendliness when deciding where to rank content on your site. In fact, this trend has been increasing for years now with 2017 finally marking the point where more searches began on mobile devices than on desktop. Well, now Google will soon be rolling out mobile-first indexing which could either make or break your SEO efforts. We've seen an increase in clients asking us for Mobile SEO Services recently.

What exactly is mobile-first indexing?

Mobile-first indexing means that Google bots are sent out to crawl the mobile version of your site first when deciding on rankings. Currently, Google crawls desktop sites first and then this decides where you will rank across all devices.

Then, it will look at how mobile friendly your site is, which can influence how you rank on mobile devices. However, under mobile-first indexing, your baseline rankings will come from the mobile version of your site.

The importance of having a mobile-friendly site

The biggest and most obvious impact that mobile-first indexing will have is on your overall SEO performance. If you have a very weak site structure that is not very mobile friendly, then you will be punished for it.

If Google bots are unable to find a mobile version of your site, then they will instead go ahead and crawl the desktop version. As with all things SEO-related, it's important to tell you exactly what changes mobile-first indexing will bring to your site’s current rankings.

However, what we can ensure is that this is just one more step Google is making towards encouraging site owners to have fully responsive sites that offer an optimal customer experience regardless of device.

Ensuring your site is up to speed

If you think your site is a bit behind the times and will not fare very well once mobile-first indexing is introduced, then the time to act is now. You need to work with a design team to ensure that there is a fully mobile responsive version of your site that is ready for the change.

Here at Lexel, we offer a full eCommerce web design service that currently supports small and large businesses alike, all across the UK. We also offer complete SEO services expert   to help ensure your site is fully optimised and has the best chances of succeeding in Google search results.

We are currently looking for more businesses to support and are happy to help as many eCommerce store owners as possible by making this switch in time for mobile-first indexing. To find out more, contact our friendly team today.