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Who Needs a Mobile App?

Posted By: Jason

Mobile apps have become big business in recent years, with the public spending nearly three hours per day on their smart phones and shopping on mobile devices showing an 18 per cent increase in the past year.

But research has found that half of the UK's companies do not have a mobile app or a website that's optimised for mobile devices. Are these businesses making a massive marketing mistake?

There's plenty of information to indicate that a mobile app is a very useful promotional tool to improve brand engagement.

Marketeers are already latching onto the mobile revolution, with research predicting that digital media advertising will top £9 billion in 2017. The UK's mobile advertising revenue is predicted to overtake newspaper advertising spend this year, simply because more people use their smart phones than browse the broadsheets.

Your company can benefit from this expansion by offering mobile apps that offer an excellent return on investment.

Cross-platform reach

The application market has picked up pace due to its cross-platform nature, with apps available on a variety of operating systems and across devices such as tablets, laptops and smart phones. There were roughly 1.2 million apps available in the Apple Store and its Android competitor in June 2014, with around 30,000 new apps released every month.

In other words, an app is a key tool in your business's marketing arsenal to promote your brand across platforms and reach a wide range of audiences with a consistent message.

Improved customer experience

Mobile phones can track a user's location and this technology can benefit both the business and customer. For example, by using either GPS tracking or wifi networks, an app can gather data about where a customer spends the most amount of time browsing in a shop and the retailer can tailor deals accordingly.

Of course, there is a danger that such push notifications can be perceived as intrusive and a balance must be struck. This is why the world of mobile app development can be difficult to navigate and employing professional developers to design, build and deploy your app is a must.

Lexel is one of the few agencies that are on the Recommended Agency Register (RAR), an accolade that is only achieved by companies that have exceptional current feedback from customers.

Tread carefully

It's important to design a mobile app carefully to ensure the highest ROI possible. If developed efficiently, apps can transform business processes and reduce costs. Apps are also trackable so can provide insightful business intelligence and valuable analytic information that are not available with traditional marketing campaigns.

Simply put, a poorly deployed app can become a costly exercise that could negatively impact on your business's reputation. It's important to design, develop and deploy the right app for your business.

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