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Who should test your mobile app?

Posted By: Jason

The key to truly successful mobile app development is testing. Of course, all apps have to be tested before they are released to ensure that they work from a technical standpoint. However, there’s more to the testing process than making sure an app functions. Testing is the developer’s opportunity to see how people interact with their app and to make sure that they find it easy and enjoyable to use. It is essential for developers to test apps so that they can refine them and ensure that they are highly-polished products when they are eventually released to the public. But who should you be testing your mobile app on? It can be a hard decision to make. After all, it’s not always obvious whose feedback you need on your software.

The first thing you should do is consider your target demographic. Working out who your business is aimed at can help you get a pretty clear idea of who’s going to be using your app when it’s released. Once you’ve worked out what demographic your business primarily targets, you should aim to recruit people to test your app from this demographic. You can advertise for people to test your app on your own business’s website, but you may also like to consider what other websites and publications your target demographic use and advertise for potential testers there.

However, it’s important not to just test your app on your core target demographic: you should also try to recruit lay-people who are unfamiliar with your business and your market sector. This is because it’s important not to limit the people your app appeals to. If you only test your app on people who are already interested in your business or market sector, you will create a highly-specialised experience that may isolate outsiders. By recruiting outsiders to help test your app, you will be able to ensure that the finished product can help attract new customers and interest groups rather than simply catering to those your business has already attracted. Naturally, you should still focus your app to be relevant primarily to your core target demographic, but there’s no reason you can’t give it the ability to generate interest from outside groups as well.

In summary, it may be advisable to test your app using mostly individuals from your target demographic but supplement this main test group with some individuals who don’t fit neatly into that demographic. This will help you develop an app that appeals to your core user-base while retaining the power to attract new users and prospective customers.