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Why free Keyword tools are a costly mistake

Posted By: Jason

The massive potential for growth and seemingly unlimited visibility is the main draw for any eCommerce venture on the web, but with this visibility being diluted by online competitors, driving traffic to your web store can become an overwhelming task.

Know your demographic

Knowing your demographic is vital in any Top SEO Service. Online rivals will assess the habits of how customers utilise search engines to find their desired product. For an emerging business just breaking into the online marketplace, sourcing the correct keywords is essential, seeping its relevance into everything from pay per click marketing campaigns to web store titles and product descriptions.

For many, the logical place to start is online keyword tools, after all, they produce relevant search terms, can be somewhat adapted to suit any market and, most importantly for a new business, they are free.

However, their generous, practical appeal can prove a costly mistake for your web store. Whilst yes, they do produce popular search terms for products, these are unhelpful for one big reason, they are too vague. Free keyword tools produce short tail keywords. These search terms will not optimise your content for search engine use simply because they do not provide a detailed enough insight into the customer's shopping routine, instead revealing how customers believe they will find any given product.

Look at your rivals, what SEO Service do they use?

Therefore, the key to climbing those sales rankings is using your online rivals' listings. This may seem counter-intuitive when the objective is to stand out in the marketplace, however, these retailers will have adopted their own keywords - simply look for reoccurring themes in product titles and descriptions and you will have an idea of what your demographic is looking for.

Collecting these prominent terms and using them in the search bar alongside similar products to your own will provide an insight to how successful each keyword is, dependant on how high your search results rank in the marketplace. Combining these with trends in customer reviews and the key selling points of your product will not only produce significantly more specific long tail keywords but give you a tremendous insight into the needs, concerns and most importantly searching routines of any customer base.

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