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Why is WordPress the best CMS to use?

Posted By: Jason

Since it first appeared in 2003, WordPress has gone on to become the premier content management system around. Many organisations, Wordpress and private individuals use it for managing their blog or website. If you are thinking of which content management system to use currently, then it is certainly worth considering. But what is so fabulous about WordPress? Why should you use it as your CMS? Read on to find out more.

1. Wordpress is easy to use

Most people who will need to look after a blog or website are not IT managers or technical whizzes. With this in mind, you need a CMS that is simple to use when maintaining your site. This is a major area that WordPress excels in as it is very intuitive and straightforward to operate. All the tasks you may need to complete from posting new content to changing the theme of your site are simple. Using WordPress once your site is built can be done with no coding knowledge needed or advanced IT skills.

2. Superb security

One key area that everyone who works online must consider now is security. With malicious attacks and hackers an ever present threat, you need a CMS that gives security top priority. WordPress hits the mark here and has very robust security to help protect your website or blog. With regular updates to its security and software, WordPress gives great protection to all its users. It also has many superb security plug-ins that you can use to help protect from spam and viruses.

3. Amazing for SEO

SEO is another huge consideration for anyone who maintains a website. WordPress is probably the best CMS to use for this as a lot of cool SEO features are built into it. This means that your SEO efforts are given a boost right from the start, without you needing to do anything extra. It makes it easy for search engine robots to crawl your site and index it, for example. Many WordPress users also install the Yoast SEO plug-in to really take advantage of the many SEO features on offer. If you would like help with building a website that uses this amazing CMS, then give us a call today. As a Top WordPress Company, we have the expertise and knowledge to deliver awesome results.